We make awesome mobile games!

Megarama Games is all remote indie developer building awesome social casino games. We are always hiring rock-stars so make sure to check out our careers page!

About Us

Megarama Games was founded in 2015 as the brainchild of two entrepreneurs in the mobile space. This is the second startup for the founders, one a former medical doctor turned entrepreneur and the other a world-leading cybersecurity expert. In their previous startup, the founders produced and published games and apps of different genres across multiple platforms. From their extensive testing they found repeated and sustainable success in the social casino genre and decided to form Megarama Games in order to focus on this exclusively on this genre and build a world-class slots game that players will fall in love with. Megarama owns a portfolio of slots games, with Slots WOW™ being one of the most well-known. 

Megarama’s games have been downloaded millions of times cross Apple and Google Play and the games are commonly within the top 100 in their categories in the major markets (United States and Australia).

The company is fully remote, with team members spread across Europe and Asia.

Work-life balance


As one of the world’s fastest-growing remote mobile game developers, we live a modern and result oriented approach to work.

Our employees enjoy freedom of working form home offices across the globe. Across our departments, we encourage work-life balance.

Why Join us

All Remote

Enjoy work life balance with an international team across the globe.

Surprise and Delight

Innovation of graphics, presentation and core game-play mechanics.

Compelling Platform

We not only compete with other games, but rather with the entire entertainment and social space.

Brand that Resonates

Our game's core mechanic resonate with the audience. So our users can play the game with minimum friction.

Socially Competitive Features.

Play ours games with and against your friends.

Frequent Updates

Most games have weekly updates with addition to levels, content, items, and characters.

Our Games

Double Money Slots ™ FREE Slot Machines Casino
Slots Gods™ Best Online Casino Slot Machine Free
Ape About Slots – Best New Vegas Slot Games Free
Wolf Slots Free™ Fun Pokies
Slots Casino WOW™ Best Vegas 17+
Slots WOW Slot Machines ™ Free Slots Casino Games


We are always hiring rock-stars so make sure to check out our careers page!