Senior Economy and Data Analyst

Senior Economy and Data Analyst

Hi there! Are you a SQL expert with experience in mobile gaming industry? Are you able to see through data a come up with smart solutions on our game economy improvement? If yes, we would love to talk to you!

About us:

Megarama Games was founded in 2015 as the brainchild of two entrepreneurs in the mobile space. This is the second startup for the founders, one a former medical doctor turned entrepreneur and the other a world-leading cybersecurity expert. In their previous startup, the founders produced and published games and apps of different genres across multiple platforms. From their extensive testing they found repeated and sustainable success in the social casino genre and decided to form Megarama Games in order to focus on this exclusively on this genre and build a world-class slots game that players will fall in love with. Megarama owns a portfolio of slots games, with Slots WOW™ being one of the most well-known. Megarama’s games have been downloaded millions of times cross Apple and Google Play and the games are commonly within the top 100 in their categories in the major markets (United States and Australia).

The company is fully remote, with team members spread across Europe and Asia. 

About the job:

As part of a lean startup and the first team member responsible for data, you need to be a “jack of all trades” and willing to learn quickly, take on responsibility and multiple functions. The primary role we are looking for is as a Data Analyst across our portfolio of slots games. However, the ideal candidate will also have deep understanding of game economy.

  • Write SQL queries to deep-dive into our data and come up with actionable improvements based off this data.
  • By analyzing data, you should be able to understand how players are playing our games and draw conclusions for improvement in the product in order to improve player retention and monetization.
  • Build, evaluate and tweak the economy of the game in order to drive engagement and monetization. You will be responsible for the game economy model and currency pricing in our games. You should be able to take over existing economies and improve them, as well as building economy from scratch for products.
  • By looking at the data, you should develop strategies, A/B tests and features to improve engagement and monetization.



Mobile gaming experience

Strong SQL skills.

Access to both iOS and Android phones – so that you can have access to our live games.


Experience with DeltaDNA


Experience as data analyst SPECIFICALLY on mobile social casino SLOTS games

Degree in a relevant field (Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science).

Experience with game economy, product management.


DeltaDNA, data dump to Amazon S3.

Facebook Analytics




We’re looking for incredible people who have a desire to create,
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