Product Manager

Product Manager

Megarama is a leading self-funded and profitable developer of free to play mobile slots games since 2015.

As Product Manager, your role will be to help realize our core objective of developing fun and innovative mobile slots games that players love, while doing this in a lean manner focused on bottom line profitability.


About us:

Megarama Games was founded in 2015 as the brainchild of two entrepreneurs in the mobile space. This is the second startup for the founders, one a former medical doctor turned entrepreneur and the other a world-leading cybersecurity expert. The mission of Megarama Games is to create fun and innovative world-class slots games that players will fall in love with. Megarama owns a portfolio of slots games, with Slots WOW™ being one of the most well-known. Megarama’s games have been downloaded millions of times cross Apple and Google Play and the games are commonly within the top charts in their categories in the major markets (United States and Australia).

While the founders are based in Tel Aviv, the company is fully remote, with team members spread across Europe and Asia. 


About the job:

Currently the business owners have been assuming the roles of product managers. Your job will be to take responsibility away from the founders and to professionalize Megarama’s products. Effectively you will become the “owner” of the product and have ultimate responsibility for its success.

You will create a roadmap for feature development, plan the features and oversee their execution from idea to implementation. Once the features are shipped to users, you will analyze their usage and optimize the features to achieve target KPIs.  You will be working closely with data analysts, developers and creative teams in order to realize your vision.

You will also be responsible for LiveOps in the portfolio of games, planning and shipping promotions and game updates to keep the games fresh, interesting and relevant for millions of players.

The position is full time and with a long term horizon and ideally meant for someone comfortable with remote work. You must be very independent and self-motivated.



  • You have overall responsibility for the success of the product and ensure that KPIs are optimized to reach targets.
  • You will ensure success and growth of the product by developing a product vision, strategy & roadmap.
  • You will be responsible for creation of new features which will require writing Product Requirements Documents – including UI/UX flow, wireframes, defining needed analytics and AB tests. Additionally you will be responsible for creating user stories & prioritizing backlog, acting as the Product Owner.
  • You will be in charge of the success of the feature once it is released to production.
  • You will monitor and review the usage data and run tests to optimize & improve game performance in order to maximize game KPIs.
  • You will work with all relevant teams (Developers, Designers, Data Analysts etc.) to guarantee smooth, and efficient implementation.
  • You will manage ongoing maintenance and improvement of product features.
  • You will be responsible for competitor analysis to understand best practices and trends, which will inform the product roadmap.
  • You should know the product back to front and inside out, be actively playing our games, understand what is wrong and what needs to be improved and oversee these improvements.
  • Responsibility for LiveOps in our games – planning and ordering promotional campaigns, planning and running events in order to maximize game KPIs.


  • High level understanding of game design and gamer psychology. You should live and breath games and understand the underlying mechanics and psychology, especially of our competitor slot games.
  • Understanding of game economy and its impact on player engagement and monetization.
  • Strong understanding of User Experience and good feel for visual design.
  • You need to be data-orientated, have ability to analyse the game data (together with Data Analyst if needed). You should work together with Data Analyst to get information you need to be able to optimize the games.

Work History

  • You have previously worked in a similar role as a product manager or game designer.
  • Ideally you have experience working on slots games.

Personal Attributes

  • Independent and self motivated.
  • Trust worthy.
  • Good spoken and written English.
  • Willing to take on and assume responsibility.
  • Eager to learn and able to self-learn in areas where you are currently weak.
  • Should be capable of working between 9am to 5pm Tel Aviv time.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Achieve target Retention, ARPDAU and LTV.



We’re looking for incredible people who have a desire to create,
develop and deliver an out of this world game experience